The d.pia.lab network brings together multiple stakeholders (academia, policy making, regulators, consultancy, etc.) from all over the world with a view to exchange knowledge, viewpoints and developments on privacy and data protection impact assessments. Members have access to an internal mailing list.

Membership upon invitation only. To request an invitation, please contact the Laboratory’s Director, Prof. Dr. Niels van Dijk.


    1. Brendan Van Alsenoy, Legal advisor, the Belgian Privacy Commission; Senior affiliated researcher, the KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law
    2. Lahoussine AnissSecretary General, Data Protection Authority (CNDP), Morocco
    3. Joel Araújo Alves, Legal Advisor, University of Porto
    4. Heidi Beate Bentzen, Researcher, Centre for Medical EthicsNorwegian Research Center for Computers and Law, University of Oslo
    5. Johann ČasAustrian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Technology Assessment
    6. Roger ClarkePrincipal, Xamax Consultancy Pty LtdVisiting Professor, University of New South WalesVisiting Professor, Australian National University
    7. Gemma Galdon Clavell, Director, Eticas Research and Consulting
    8. Chris Conolly, Director, Galexia
    9. Malcolm Crompton, Managing Director, Information Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd
    10. Lorenzo Dalla Corte, PhD candidate, Tilburg UniversityTilburg Institute for Law, Technology and SocietyTU Delft, A+BE
    11. Frank Dawson, Director of Privacy Engineering & Assurance, Nokia USA
    12. Katerina Demetzou, PhD candidate, Radboud University Nijmegen
    13. Martha Eike, Senior Engineer, The Norwegian Data Protection Authority
    14. Ciara Fitzgerald, Co-director, Health Information Systems Research Centrer, Cork University Business School
    15. Michael FriedewaldHead of the ICT research group, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI
    16. Graham Greenleaf AM, Professor of Law & Information Systems, University of New South Wales
    17. Rob Heyman, Senior Researcher, Studies on Media, Innovation and Technology (SMIT)Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    18. Joris van Hoboken, Senior Researcher, University of AmsterdamInstitute for Information Law
    19. Esther Hoornlegal advisor, University of Groningen 
    20. Anna JohnstonDirector, Salinger Privacy 
    21. Raymund E. Liboro, Privacy Commissioner, National Privacy Commission, Republic of the Philippines
    22. Gérard Lommel, Government commissioner for data protection in public administration, Luxembourg’s State Department
    23. Manuel David Martín Rodríguez, Fundacion Cartif
    24. Ramon Miralles Lopez, Coordinator of Audit and Information Security, Catalan Data Protection Authority (APDCAT), Catalonia (Spain)
    25. Irene Kamara, PhD candidate, Tilburg UniversityTilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society
    26. Eleni Kosta, Professor of Technology Law and Human Rights, Tilburg UniversityTilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society
    27. Damian Mapa, Deputy Privacy Commissioner, National Privacy Commission, Republic of the Philippines
    28. Ivy D. Patdu, Deputy Privacy Commissioner, National Privacy Commission, Republic of the Philippines
    29. Susana Rodrigues Pereira, Data Protection Officer, University of Porto
    30. João Almeida Rua, Data Security Analyst, University of Porto
    31. Claudia Quelle, PhD candidate, Tilburg UniversityTilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society
    32. Walter Peissl, Deputy Director, Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA), Austrian Academy of Sciences
    33. Melanie Peters, Director, Rathenau Institute
    34. Jo Pierson, Associate Professor, Studies on Media, Innovation and Technology (SMIT), Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    35. Artemi Rallo, Professor, Jaume I University, former Director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency
    36. Kjetil RommetveitAssociate Professor, University of Bergen
    37. Julien Rossi, PhD candidate, COSTECHUniversité de technologie de Compiègne
    38. Paolo Sinibaldi, Data Protection Officer, European Investment Fund
    39. Jacob SuidgeestDirector, Regulation and Strategy Branch, Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
    40. Nigel WatersResearch Associate, Cyberspace Law and Policy Community, University of New South Wales
    41. Stephen WilsonManaging Director, Lockstep Consulting; PhD Candidate, University of New South Wales
  1. Last update: 17 February 2020